There are many choices available for countertops. Budget, the local real estate market, and your personal taste may all affect the material that you will choose. Here are a few materials that you may want to consider for your new countertop:


Granite, Quartz, Laminate, Butcher Block, Concrete


Granite, Marble & Other Natural Stones


Straight from the Earth and polished to perfection, natural stone countertops come in hundreds of colors and patterns. You can choose from a variety of edge profiles and sink options. Get a matching backsplash or compliment your top with tile. Stone is a versatile choice.


Stone tops are, naturally, hard as a rock. You can put hot pots on them and cut on most stones without worrying about damage. Soapstone is a softer stone than granite or marble and will scratch if you are not careful. We always recommend using a cutting board, if only to protect your knives from dulling.


Because stone is a natural material, it is porous and does require some maintenance. Keep your countertop sealed with an off-the-shelf granite sealer to prevent stains. Clean up any spills as soon as possible and protect your top from anything oily/greasy (ie: pizza boxes, peanut butter, olive oil). Store bought granite/stone cleaners have a light sealer in them for daily use, but it is recommended to re-seal the top every few years, depending on how much use they get. Be careful not to drop hard items such as mugs, pots, tools on your tops, especially from a height. Although stone is hard, it can chip and crack.


Natural Stone is a fantastic choice for your countetops. Every slab removed from the ground is unique and will add an element of natural beauty to your space.

Click Here for Care & Cleaning tips from the Marble Institute of America


Quartz Countertops


These man-made tops are made to replicate the durability of granite without the maintenance. Quartz colors tend to be very consistant in color and pattern, although some manufacturers have introduced some patterns that look more like natural stone. This material is a great choice for those who want more consistant, predictable or solid colors.


Quartz countertops are made up of crushed quartz, glass or sometime metals. The crushed materials are mixed with resins and pressed into slabs. This process creates a strong, "sealed" slab that does not require the maintenance of natural stone.


  • Heat Resistant.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Stain Resistant.
  • Does not need to be sealed.




  • Generally more expensive than granite.



Butcherblock countertops from our local suppliers. This material makes a great accent to other materials. Available in many wood species, including Maple, Cherry and Walnut.


Laminate countertops are available upon request. This is a popular and budget friendly alternative to more expensive choices.


Concrete countetops, though expensive, are a durable, contemporary choice. Our concrete tops are provided by Green Concrete Works.

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